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BLADEBRUSH™ is your go-to provider of paint tools in Dulles, VA. We are committed to working with you to design a custom tools package that will suit your needs. Whether you are a contractor in need of professional-grade paint tools, or a new homeowner simply searching for a multipurpose set to use for paint jobs around the house, we have something for you.

BLADEBRUSH™ offers the best painter tools on the market—we stock everything from paint brushes and scrapers to wire brushes and hand tools. Designed to maximize efficiency in your tool shed and on your tool belt, these unique painting tools are sure to add value both to your business and your personal tool kit by reducing the number of instruments you need to carry and store.

Jobs that used to require three to five tools now need only one or two. With our paint tools, you can now scrape off old paint, open a new bucket, and begin your paint job all with a single brush. You no longer need to worry about laying out messy tools while they are unused, since your one tool is always in your hands!

Professionals are constantly on the hunt for painter tools that will make their work easier, and their business more profitable. Now it’s easier than ever, with BLADEBRUSH™ products. Our tools are strong and easy to use—paint tooling has never been so simple. Give us a ring today to find out about our bulk discounts and how they can help save your firm money!

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