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BLADEBRUSH™ is the premier provider of tool sets in Dulles, VA. We offer a wide range of instruments designed to fit any number of needs when painting your house, your bedroom, or even a new piece of carpentry. Our products are multipurpose and efficient, meaning you don’t have to worry about storing a large kit for when you need it—BLADEBRUSH™ is all you will ever need!

Most tool sets for painting have a large number of brushes, stirrers, openers, and scrapers—many kinds of instruments that can be a hassle to store and a pain to work with. BLADEBRUSH™ efficiently combines these functions into single tools, placing a paint scraper on the back of a paint brush and a paint bucket opener on the back of a wire brush. These dual-purpose tools can be very handy, you will appreciate them when you are at the top of a ladder and need only flip around your brush to scrape off dried paint!

Our quality painting tools are designed to withstand the test of time, as well as the wear and tear of normal household usage. We expect you to use BLADEBRUSH™ products for everything from simple indoor touch-up jobs to detailing the outside of your house, meaning you can drastically reduce the clutter in your toolbox. Just a few BLADEBRUSH™ products will eliminate the need for other tools!

Regardless of the environment in which you are painting, you can be certain that our painting tool sets will save you time and hassle, adding tangible value to your arsenal of household tools. Browse our website to learn more about the products we offer and how they can make your paint job easier!

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